Wedding Planning Advice from a 2024 Bride

Lauren got the fiancee’ upgrade in January and is now planning her wedding, so I reached out to get some wedding planning advice from an actual 2024 bride. I have been so curious about how everything is going and to see what has been different from her original perceptions having been a part of so many weddings already. Before we jump in, I met Lauren back in 2020 to photograph her ring day. Nothing about 2020 was normal, but as an Aggie, celebrating this moment and accomplishment is very important. A few weeks later she met me at POV and took some headshots for me! Years later, we were both in the wedding photography world, hyping each other up as both our photography businesses and relationships grow!

Need help with wedding planning?

Here is some of the wedding planning advice Lauren gave me:

Guest Counts are Everything

Guest counts (and the date IMO) are so important because they set up the parameters for everything else: food, drinks, venue, etc. At the beginning of planning you want to invite everyone, but then things start to add up. Deciding on the important people and final numbers will be stressful, but it’s essential and so so so important. 

Feelings matter way more than Aesthetics

This was probably the most surprising advice Lauren had, and my favorite piece of wedding planning advice. As photographers, we both love the aesthetics of an image and the look of crazy, glamorous florals of a wedding day. While these things are great, and might be exactly what you want for your wedding, it might not be what guests really care about. Will they remember what your florals looked like in a few years? Honestly, probably not, but they will remember how they FELT at your wedding. They will remember the emotions they had during the ceremony and the fun they had on the dance floor.

Costs make things a reality 

Duh! But seriously. That dress could be the most perfect thing in the world, but if the money isn’t in the bank… it won’t happen. This also leads into the last tip…

Elevate the things that really Matter

This is the best way to make good use out of your budget and to have things you can show off and make your wedding unique to your relationship. Both Foodies? Maybe a bigger food budget! Love to dance? DJs or Live Bands are where it is at! Maybe you both value experiences together so DIYing a lot of things could be the best route. Whatever it is, focusing on a few things that matter to the two of y’all. That’s the way to go.

Weddings at the core are celebrating 2 people committing to one another and celebrating their love. Everything Lauren told me about the things her and Conner have planned are focused on that principle, which makes my heart SO happy! 

Lauren is not only a bride, but also a talented photographer, so I need to take a moment to brag on her! If you love turquoise, western glam, and are looking for a photographer bestie then Lauren is the perfect person for you! If you are a lover of personality tests, which I am, you have to know Lauren is a Enneagram 3w2 or an ENTJ. Lauren is confident and ambitious and does a wonderful job making her clients feel that way too, but she also knows how to shoot you straight and get the job done. She works hard but plays even harder. She constantly puts herself in her clients shoes to help anticipate the things they might need – like having hair & makeup artist recommendations for her senior girlies before they even ask. I am especially excited to see how the behind the scenes of her business changes as she plans her own weddings and learns all the tips from being a bride. 

Check out Lauren’s Website and give her a follow on Instagram – You wont regret it! I meant look at how beautiful her images are!!!

Wedding pages by Lauren Provost photograaphy
Wedding Images by Lauren Provost Photography

Lauren, thank you for taking time out of your day to catch up with me and give so many more tips than the ones listed. Seriously! I forget how easy you are to talk to and I love it every time. I am personally grateful for all the wedding planing advice you gave, and I hope it helps others too. Can’t wait to chat even more over coffee in the next few weeks!

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