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Ben’s mom reached out to book senior photos with me since he was coming up on graduation for Construction Science. Usually it’s the moms pushing for their sons to get photos done. We made it easy by doing an hour long shoot instead of 2 hours with multiple locations. I reassured her that I would get all the traditional photos she wanted (cap & gown, smiling, etc.) while also matching Ben’s energy and making sure these photos felt like him. Ben didn’t have any locations specifically in mind, but maybe one location with a bunch of different backgrounds so we decided on Military Walk. 

We started the session in the best way… Ben forgot his ring at home. I got a call from him saying that he was parked and walking to me when he realized the ring wasn’t on his hand. This sounds like something I would do which humored me even more. 

Ben’s second outfit included his grandfather’s blazer. We had a good time talking about his grandfather’s profession. Including sentimental things is one of my favorite things to see at senior sessions. 

Ben also enjoys playing pickleball. I’ve heard tons of people talking about this, but no one in my friend group plays it. After asking about it, Ben said it’s sort of like tennis, but with less effort? His sister, who isn’t the most athletic, even enjoys it! 

If you’re interested in adding this to you summer activities here is how you play: 

Ben graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Construction Science and plans on taking a job in Houston. 

Ben, I’m very glad your mom talked you into taking photos with me. I loved getting to meet you and being convinced that I have to play a game of pickleball. I wish you the best in your construction journey and that you find the right sector of the construction industry. Congratulations on your new degree!! 

Military walk is one of the best locations for senior photos because of the variety of backdrops right next to each other (exactly what Ben wanted). 

Academic Building 

Gig'em Photo in front of the Academic building on TAMU campus.
Black & White gig'em photo in Academic Plaza.

Military Walk (The Trees)

Cap & gown photo of a Texas A&M graduate
Detail shot of graduation cap

YMCA Building 

Detail photo of aggie ring on top of boots.
Construction science graduate posing for headshot in front of the YMCA building at Texas A&M University.

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