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Help Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a stressful part of planning your wedding day. This person (or team of people) are with you throughout the entire day, so you want to choose people that you get along with and feel good around. Here are some tips for helping narrow down your list, and choose the best person to photograph your wedding day!

Ask to see a full wedding gallery

Seeing a full wedding gallery allows you to see how an entire day would look since portfolios use the best highlight images. Imagine if the photos were of you and your loved ones. Do you like the editing style used? Do you like the approach? This might be more “fly on the wall” candid images or more posed. How is the variety? Can this photographer handle a variety of different lighting? Almost anyone can shoot beautiful photos during golden hour, but using flash during the reception can be challenging. 

Schedule a Zoom or coffee chat

Like I said, you spend a lot of time with your photographer… You should get along well with them! You don’t have to become best friends during this time, but knowing you can have a conversation and can relax will save so much stress on the big day.

Ask Questions

They are professionals, so use them as a resource! If you have any concerns about your wedding day maybe about how your venue is dark and want to confirm their flash skills can handle that. A good photographer will be happy to answer these questions to help you make a decision. 

Schedule an Engagement Shoot as a trail run!

Use an engagement shoot as a trail run. This way you can get a feel of their posing and how it feels to be in front of their camera. If you enjoyed the shoot and the photos afterwards, then they might be a good fit. On the off chance you have a bad experience, then you’ve only missed out on a small session and not once in a lifetime moments.

Ask about a Timeline for the Final Gallery and any Deliverables

This might not be a make it or break it question for most, but knowing how long after a wedding day can be a factor. Some photographers have galleries and deliverables delivered within 4 weeks whereas others take months. You may be a couple that would rather wait a little longer (if needed) to relive the day or be the couple that is excited and wants the photos ASAP. Additionally, some photographers have products and prints built in, while others don’t. Knowing these details and how long it takes for these items to arrive is important. 

Recommendations/Word of Mouth

You might have someone in mind already, but if you don’t, then you should ask around! Vendors usually have worked with other professionals and have favorites that they love to recommend. Another good place to ask around is within your friend group. Having someone recommend a photographer they have already worked with means you have a reputable source that they can do a good job. People love to share about the things they love.

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