College Station couple loving on their dog for their engagement photos.

How to have unique engagement photos

When I say make unique engagement photos unlike anyone else’s… I don’t mean with interesting poses. You can do all sorts of posing no matter the location. The ways to really make your engagement photos shine is to incorporate things that show off your love, personality, and story of your relationship. Here are a few recommendations I have on ways you can take your engagement photos up a level: 

Go on a date

Seriously! Go on a date and let your photographer document the two of you in your element. Your photographer can suggest some prompts and ideas for cute photos, but for the most part, enjoy your date and relax together!

Some date ideas are:

  • Ice cream shop 
  • Arcade
  • Skating 
  • Picnic
  • Restaurant 
  • Pizza & Cocktails 
Picnic Date for engagement photos. Details of wildflowers, drinks, and food.
Smiling happy couple in college station for picnic engagement photos. Black & white image of them in a flower feild.

Choose a place special to y’all

This special place could be where you proposed, first date, first kiss or even went to college together. Being in that space could create extra emotions from the memories you have. You could even be cheeky and re-create a memory you have in that place. If you do, make sure you give it a little extra Hollywood drama 😉 

Include Pets

These are a part of your family too. It is common to see dogs included in shoots, but I think any kind of fur babies should be included! Remember to be extra extra patient if your fur babies are joining, give lots of affirmation, and treats! This is also a fun way to incorporate them in your wedding journey instead of on the wedding day. 

Detail show of engagement ring, aggie rings, and a "Dog of Honor" bandana on a dog.
Engagement photos of a couple with their dog at Brison park near Texas A&M in College Station. They could is loving on the dog.

In your home

Taking your engagement photos in your house can be a great place since this is an environment you’re comfortable in. Wearing cozy or comfy clothes would also be extra great in a home environment. If you like this idea, but your home isn’t the aesthetic you are looking for then booking an airbnb or even a studio is another option.  Having this comfortable vibe in a space you are relaxed, is the perfect way to have unique engagement photos.

Studio 717 or the Bravely studio are studio options in College Station that I love!

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